Organizational Structure
The magnificence of AISPL has stood over 17 years. Working on international testing models, the Organization conducts a wide spectrum of activities in personnel selection both for promotion within and recruitment and selection from outside the organization. Today, AISPL has become a body providing integrated end to end solutions for human resource management of client organizations.

The Organization is equipped with its very own fleet of qualified personnel - people from the banking and insurance industry, psychology, information technology and educational measurement who have specialized in the testing process. Its various verticals include Client Relations, Design and Analysis, Research and Development, Processing and Technology Operations and Support Services. It also has its own technology infrastructure for data ware house and processing. It has state-of-the-art printing facility that is capable of printing over 100 thousand data booklets and answer sheets per day.

The Organization has the capability of testing simultaneously as many as 1 million candidates in 2000 venues across 200 centers (cities) in one session. In 2010-11 alone, AISPL was successful in screening over 1 million candidates for testing and filled approx.10,000 vacancies for its client organizations besides testing of candidates for admission to academic institutes and certification for diplomas.

"The knowledge, attitude and flexibility that AISPL showed was key to keeping the recruitment process rolling at the right pace and quality."
Major General S. PAUL