The division focuses on developing tests, analyzing results, determining appropriate methodologies and best practices for personnel selection, coordinating with client relation divisions to decide on selection strategies for clients.  It also contributes to the question/item bank with quality questions and is responsible for analysis of test scores through quintile reports using relevant statistical tools. The division is also responsible for introduction of fresh topics for test development.

Research and Development:-

One of the main functions of this division is to research on new methods of recruiting for client organizations to ensure right people are placed at the right time. It is responsible for developing breakthrough products/services through continuous research and innovation and enhancing existing product/service offerings to clients. It is also responsible for talent requirement of the client organizations. This division handles the conduct of interviews, assessment center programs and group exercises for client organizations.


This division ensures successful execution of pre-examination activities such as application processing, sends call letters for the examinations and allows smooth conduct of examinations.  The activities of the Operations division include Receipt of applications and their processing, Dispatch of call-letters (Admit Cards), Composing, Printing, Dispatch and Receipt of Test Material.

Processing and Technology:-

This is the largest division of the Institute in terms of its functions and human resources.  It consists of Electronic Data Processing Department (EDP), Human Support Systems (HSS), Online Section dealing exclusively with Online Application Registration and Online Examination.  The functions carried out in this division are processing of answer sheets and evaluation of descriptive papers, compilation of scores, preparation of final results and copying cases dockets, etc.  Besides this the division coordinates the activities related to system development, automation, maintenance, training to staff of technology function, software and hardware procurement and up gradation of systems, etc.

Support Services Division:-

This division facilitates the functions of all divisions by providing necessary support to internal customers and handling legal matters. In addition it provides basic infrastructure and administrative support to all other divisions.  This division caters to the needs of other services such as personnel and labour law related matters, record and storage of used examination material and prevention from fire, safety, security and vigilance services, finance and accounts services.


"Something that surprised me about working with AISPL is the commitment that they displayed in working with us."
Prof. A. K. Sehjpal, Ex-Vice Chancellor