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Ace Business

Test Development

To handle academic matters, the Institute has professionally impanelled faculty members who have specializations in Psychometrics, Human Resources, Educational Measurement, Banking and Finance, etc. The faculty group caters to client organizations' needs by studying job requirements, developing appropriate tests and selection tools, coordinating research studies, conducting assessment and training programmes, guiding doctorate level research in management studies.

The major strength of the Institute is that it develops all the ability/aptitude tests in-house through its impanelled faculty members, which gives the Institute an edge over any other such companies. Special care is taken to ensure the psychometric properties of the tests and accurate score reporting.

Conduct Of Examinations

AISL has on its panel over 2000 trained test administrators and other professionals of proven integrity, all over the country. It has the capacity to conduct written examinations with their help, simultaneously all over the country in over 150 cities/towns for over 700 thousand candidates in one session.

Paramount importance is given to safety, secrecy and security of the test material as also fair, impartial and smooth conduct of the examination and seamless logistics.

Online Testing

Moving beyond traditional testing methods, AISL has introduced online testing for recruitment and selection in its client organizations. It has been one of the pioneers in Online testing module especially in the government sector. It currently has the capacity to hold online examination for over 5000 candidates across the country in a single session. It ensures providing a congenial test environment, high availability servers at data center, secure leased lines, and test centers having range of capacities - from 10 PCs to over 100 PCs, trained test administrators at the test centers for proctoring and professional support.

AISL’ services in this regard include online registration of candidate, downloadable admit cards and personal intimations through e-mail and SMS.

Evaluation and Processing

Post - exam activities include evaluation of candidates' answer sheets and result processing. Objective papers are evaluated with the help of our in-house computerized scoring system (OMR scanners). AISL pioneered the computer based scanning system in India and at present has a capacity of scanning more than 200 thousand answer sheets a day. The company is, perhaps, the only one in the world having a unique distinction of handling a massive number each year. It is known for assessing candidates with accuracy and this process is time tested and validated.

AISL has all the latest technology to evaluate and process answer sheet smoothly. AISL has own high end printing for printing of result and various secret documents.

GD / GT Interviews

AISL also conducts interview skill training programmes to train interviewers in the art and science of conducting interviews. The objective behind conducting interviews is to check the inter- personal skills of candidates along with tacit knowledge about the job profile.

It has a credible, skilled and experienced team of experts that is located in all metropolitan cities and state capitals of India. In the past two years, it has assessed more than 50,000 candidates through the process of interviews in more than 20 locations across the nation.

Physical Endurance Test

AISL also conducts physical efficiency (endurance) test. The objective behind conducting physical endurance test to perform job-related tasks requiring manual labor or physical skill. These tasks measure physical abilities such as strength, muscular flexibility, and stamina. While some physical ability tests may require electronically monitored machines, equipment needs can often be kept simple. For example, stamina can be measured with a treadmill and an electrocardiograph, or with a simple set of steps. Training for endurance can have a negative impact on the ability to exert endurance strength unless an individual also undertakes resistance training to counteract this effect.