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Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The Organization is equipped with its very own fleet of qualified personnel - people from the banking and insurance industry, psychology, information technology and educational measurement who have specialized in the testing process. Its various verticals include Client Relations, Design and Analysis, Research and Development, Processing and Technology Operations and Support Services. It also has its own technology infrastructure for data ware house and processing. It has state-of-the-art printing facility that is capable of printing over 100 thousand data booklets and answer sheets per day.

The Organization is headed by the Director as its Chief Executive Officer, who is supported by Division Heads.


The Primary objective of this division is to sustain client base by maintaining client relationships ensuring customer delight by implementing new strategies for marketing products/services of the Institute. To enhance the customer experience, the division has been further sub-divided into two parts as alongside: The main function of this division is to maintain relationships with clients, discussing and finalizing engagements with the customers, thereby ensuring customer delight.

Financial Resource Management

Leaders are responsible for acquiring and maintaining resources for their organization. These efforts tend to be more successful when requests deal with issues of high national priority and when an explanation is provided as to how the additional resources will be used.

Leaders of extension organizations are accountable for the financial resources assigned. It is incumbent upon them to establish workable systems that will enable staff members to know how many resources they have to carry out their work.

Budgeting the use of resources to particular purposes and for specific accounting periods is an essential part of the planning and managing processes. This process combined with cost accounting makes it possible to make decisions based on expected costs and returns.

Time Resource Management

One of the main functions of this division is to research on new methods of recruiting for client organizations to ensure right people are placed at the right time. It is responsible for developing breakthrough products/services through continuous research and innovation and enhancing existing product/service offerings to clients. It is also responsible for talent requirement of the client organizations. This division handles the conduct of interviews, assessment center programs and group exercises for client organizations.